Dental Services

The dental team at the Coleman Clinic is happy to welcome patients of all ages. Dr. Ayoub and his staff understand the importance of good oral care and strive to help give patients within the community every opportunity to improve their overall oral health each and every day. We are committed to providing the best quality dental care possible and offer a full range of dental services to meet your personal needs.

Coleman Dental offers comprehensive dental care including complete exams, X-rays, and cleanings to more extensive and specialized procedures including root canals and certain wisdom teeth extractions. The team also helps those looking to replace missing teeth will a full range of partial and complete dentures. Restorative treatment includes tooth-colored fillings and crowns to restore teeth that have cavities or may be broken. We are always accepting new patients and welcome all emergency walk-in’s. Let the Coleman Dental team help you improve your oral health!

To contact the Coleman Family Dental Clinic by phone dial 432-687-7068.

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